Number of competitions entered…2

I have officially entered two of my original brews into competition.  Suzi’s Sugared and Spiced Cookie Ale and Garnet Pilsner.  Both were submitted to two competitions.

The first competition is the AHA National Competition.  This is round one which is a regional level.  If either brew scores a 30 or higher they move onto the national level.  The judging for round one is April 16th.  I’ll hopefully know how I did by the end of April.

The second competition is hosted by my brew club, The Maltose Falcons.  It’s their annual Mayfaire competition and the big winner is submitted to Sierra Nevada’s Homebrewer of the Year competition.  I’m not expecting to win than but I’m hoping to score well in my categories.  Judging for this one is at the end of April with the awards presented at the Mayfaire festival in May.

I’m really looking forward to getting feedback from other brewers.  Not that my friends don’t give feedback, but I’m hoping for some constructive criticism from other brewers.

When it comes to other beer related activities, I’ve been slacking on the my brewing responsibilities lately.  I have a Dunkelweizen and a Saison in secondary at the moment and both really should have been bottled by now, but we kept getting held up with other activities.

Including drinking beer.

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