It’s Been Such A Long Time

The delay in posting is due in part to my WordPress App for iPhone no longer functioning.  So much for the ability to add quick notes to this blog.

Beyond that, well…life has been keeping me away.  Thankfully, the hubby and I are currently on a 2 week vacation on the east coast and, while I’m not able to do any brewing here, I have been enjoying many a beer here in this hot and humid clime including various Sam Adams and Wachusett Blueberry.

As for what’s brewing…

The Blueberry Stout for Dan’s birthday was a big success.  It has a great chocolate/coffee stout flavor with a subtle hint of blueberries.  I’ll definitely brew it again, but next time I’ll use a cheesecloth or grain bag to hold the blueberry puree.  It’s not that I mind pieces of blueberries in the finished product, but rather blueberries have a way of clogging the syphon tubing and bottling cane.  Doh!

I’ve brewed up two summertime quaffs for a work BBQ.  One is an Amber and the other a Honigweizen-Bier (honey wheat).  Both have really lovely flavors and I think both will be great.  They are currently bottle conditioning and awaiting the date of this BBQ to actually be set.  It was supposed to be July 31st, but seems to be in limbo at the moment.  I figure that if the date isn’t locked in by the end of the month that we’ll have our own BBQ and my coworkers can buy beer for their party.  Or maybe the new guy who also brews can rise to the occasion.

We left another batch of Garnet Pilsner lagering when we left.  It could have been bottled before hand, but we simply ran out of time.  I certainly don’t think it will hurt the finished product.  Who knows, it might even help and the recipe will be henceforth changed.

We had hoped to get to the Sam Adams Brewery earlier in the week, but were thwarted.  Hopefully we’ll be more successful in our attempt to get to the Allagash Brewery later this week.  Dreams of sampling Allagash straight from a cask dance in our heads.

Until next time, enjoy a cold and sudsy brew.  I know I will.

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