Eric’s Birthday Stout

My husband asked me to brew him a stout for his birthday.  Since I’m not a big stout drinker, we picked up a kit from our local brew shop (Woodland Hills Home Beer Wine and Cheese Making Shop).

I brewed in early December. Fermented in primary for one week and secondary for 10 days.  I use a small wine fridge to control the fermentation temp which has a max temp of 60, so it extended the process a little.  We bottled her on Christmas Eve and had our first taste on January 9th.  Eric loved it.  I wasn’t so keen on it, but tried it again last night and the extra week in bottle really evened it out.

For those who are interested:

Big Henry’s Irish Stout (Guinness In The Can) — Woodland Hills HBWC Shop

Dry Stout in a 5 gallon batch


Roast Barley — 12 ounces

Scots Chocolate — 4 ounces

German Cara Wheat — 4 ounces

Gambrinius ESB — 4 ounces

Mash grains for 45 min @ 160 degrees


Corn Sugar — 8 ounces

Alex. Dark Syrup — 6 pounds (or 4 lbs DME)

HOPPING SCHEDULE (all pellet hops)

Styrian Goldings — 1 ounce (60 min); 4.0% AA; 17.1 IBUs

Northdown — 0.50 ounces (60 min); 8.0% AA; 17.1 IBUs*

Styrian Goldings — 0.50 ounces (20 min); 4.0% AA; 2.9 IBUs*

*I’m not sure if the IBUs are correct here…I’m just copying their recipe sheet

YEAST: Wyeast #1084 Irish Ale

Primary: 2 – 4 days at 68-72 degrees

Secondary: 4 – 8 days at same temp

OG 1.043-45

FG 1.010-12

Use 3/4 cup brewers sugar for priming before bottling.  Bottle condition for 2 weeks at room temp.

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